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Funeral Liturgies

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The loss of a loved one is a very personal and trying experience. The Catholic funeral liturgy calls us to pray for the souls of our deceased loved ones and to offer the Eucharistic Sacrifice on their behalf. Whether you desire a full celebration of the Requiem Mass or simply a Liturgy of the Word with the Burial Rites, we are here to assist you in preparing a reverent and dignified liturgy to pray for your deceased and to honor their memory.

Steps to take: 

  • As you prepare funeral arrangements the first call to make is to the the Assumption Parish Office.

  • Contact a funeral home. 

  • Work with the parish to set a date for the funeral. 

  • Meet with parish staff to discuss arrangements:

Note on Cremation

Disposition of the body of deceased Catholics by means of cremation is a fairly recent allowance. In 1983, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican issued an instruction stating that it is the strong preference of the church for the body of the faithful departed to be buried, but that cremation is permissible so long as there is no denial of the Christian teaching of the resurrection of the dead and immortality of the soul and that the ashes are not sprinkled or kept in personal possession, but are buried in a consecrated cemetery plot. 

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