Faith Formation:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Assumption changing our Faith Formation structure?
At Baptism, parents promise to be the ‘first and best’ teachers of the faith for their children. Our new Evangelization and Discipleship structure allows us to partner with parents so our homes grow as the ‘domestic churches’ they’re called to be. Every family is unique, with their own needs, dynamics, and schedules. Our three new flexible models let you choose the best fit for your family.


What is the parents’ role in this new program?
Our new structure lets parents hand on the faith to their kids themselves. Choose the model that fits best for you: you can teach them at home on your own schedule and at your own pace, you can stop by the parish on Thursdays to use our craft materials and have access to a catechist’s help if you need it, or you can attend class together where you’ll join your child in the lessons and activities led by a head catechist. No matter which model you choose, your child will get to learn from your insights as you journey together in the Faith.   

How do we use the Study Hall Model?

You can stop by the parish at any of our open hours for extra help or access to supplies for your family to use. We do ask that you RSVP for a day and time so we can have things ready for you.


If we do the Classroom Model, must parents attend each class?
NOTE: THE CLASSROOM MODEL IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD. Our new structure is focused on families and on allowing parents to share the Faith with their children. As such, parents and guardians are vital to the program, and must participate with their child every week. If you are enrolling multiple children, please rotate between classrooms each week.

Can we change models if it doesn’t work for us?
We understand the need for flexibility as families try to figure out how to hand on the Faith to their children. As such, families are fully allowed to change models as needed throughout the year. All we ask is that you remain in contact with us so that we can ensure you have what you need.


When will they receive their sacraments?
Children who were baptized Catholic will make their First Reconciliation at the Confession Retreat in the spring of their Beginning Disciples year; they will then receive their Confirmation and their First Holy Communion together at a special Mass in the spring of their Growing Disciples. For those children who are not baptized Catholic, they will receive their sacraments at Easter of their Growing Disciples year.

If their formation gets interrupted, how will they stay on track?

We understand that life is busy with school, sports, activities, and unfortunately, illness. Sometimes, families get a bit behind. That's okay! Go at your own pace if needed. And for those whose sacramental preparation was interrupted due to Covid in 2019, have them take this short quiz to see if some simple review is needed to keep them on track. 


What is the cost of the program?
For families who attend and tithe at Assumption, the cost is $60 for a single child, or $50 per child if registering multiple kids. For families who do not attend or tithe at Assumption, the cost is $75 for a single child, or $65 per child if registering multiple kids. Youth group is $30. Families need to register and pay at the start of each year.

What paperwork is needed?

Please register kids (K-5th) here.

Register teens (6th-12th) here.

For all receiving sacraments, submit a copy of their baptism certificate.

Growing Disciples and Chosen Teens, please submit a sponsor form.

For those in sacramental prep last year, please submit the review quiz.


What precautions are being taken in light of Covid-19?
We have an entire page devoted to that!