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To protect our students and their families, all parents, grandparents, coaches, and others who volunteer for school events must complete Protecting God's Children Training (formerly SET) prior to beginning their activities. To complete the training, follow the steps below.

New Volunteers:

  1. Create an account at

  2. Register for the course called “Protecting God’s Children for Adults.” You may attend any location. We will have trainings at Assumption.

  3. After completing the course, you will receive instructions to initiate a background check.

  4. Sign the Code of Conduct form on the Virtus website.

  5. Complete and submit a Volunteer Worker Hold Harmless Agreement to Mary Jo

Returning Volunteers:

  1. Send an email to  Mary Jo to verify whether or not your Virtus Training is current.

  2. If you are due for the five year refresher course and/or background check, you will be directed to the online course at and/or instructions to initiate a background check.

  3. Complete and submit a new Volunteer Worker Hold Harmless Agreement to Mary Jo at

ALL VOLUNTEERS-you must have a background check completed every 5 years. If you are driving students, you must take the driving course each year and provide a copy of your insurance and driver's license.  Beginning in April, 2023, you must email Mary Jo, to enroll in the Driver Course. Plan ahead, your enrollment in the course will take time to complete!

Student Volunteers

All students at Assumption Catholic School Volunteer for our parish and school. 8th grade students are required to serve 10 hours prior to graduation. 8th grade students submit the log of hours to the principal. Students must complete the Hold Harmless Form, linked above.

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